About us

LC are the largest eyelash supplier from China.. We specialize in producing false eyelashes for 20 years.

The advantages of products

1. The material is pure, the chemical fiber material is from South Korea, and the mink hair is from Siberia.

2. The world's top designers are eager to create, with 300 exclusive patents.

3. Thousands of styles lead the industry.

4. Use environmentally friendly materials, not allergic to skin.

5. Accept customized services.

6. The scale of strength manufacturers, more than 300 workers, customers can accept the factory inspection.

7. There are 3 million inventories to ensure timely delivery.

8. After-sales service is timely, guaranteeing response within 7 hours.

9. Give priority to supply old customers new trend products, atlases.

Company Bisic Information

Brand name: LC

Business Tyoe: Manufacture,Trading Company

Main Products: False Eyelash,Eyelash Extention

Number Of Employees:300+

Company authentication

Registration Address:Shibei Zone,QingDAO,ShanDong,China(mainland) ZIP:266000

CEO: Jerry Lee

Legal form: Limited Liability Company

Registration Number: 91370203MA3N7AR35P

Registration Capital: RMB 1000000




Phone: +86 13356899433

Tel: +86 13356899433

Email: info@eyelashchic.com

Add: No. 46, Anshan 2 Road, Qingdao, Shandong, China(mainland)